Impressions from “Taste of the Globe” 2017

One of the highlights during the school year is the annual "Taste of the Globe" event, in which 20 nationalities showcase food from their home countries, all for a good cause: The Tanzania Project. 

The colorful event offered sweet delights, hearty savouries and famous traditional delicacies which culminated in the true spirit of "unity in diversity", the hallmark of our school community. 

Previously, "Taste of the Globe" had raised money for the Ghana project, but has now been inherited by the Tanzania Project due to its ability to bring people together by showing commitment and solidarity, for which Tanzania project members expressed their sincere appreciation. 
Over €1500 were raised during the event. It will be thrown together with other money which was previously raised during student acitivities such as bake sales, selling smoothies and bracelets, and organizing a basketball tournament. All proceeds will go towards various initiatives in Heilotu Primary School and Sarawatt Secondary School, both government schools in Mbulu, Tanzania. 

We are very grateful to the PTA, Country representatives Chairlady and Country Reps for mobilizing their countries, as well as to all those who cooked and prepared delicious meals and took time to participate in the event. Thank you for all your support!

Please see here for more picture from the event.