ISH’s talents and skills in abundance!


We always knew that ISH school communtiy is very diverse and that we have lots of talent all round, but who'd have thought we'd have a Kumi-Daiko performance!? Or our very own Houdini! that was definitely an exciting evening. We were entertained by solo singing performances, instrumental music, class band acts, modern pop dance, native Indian dance, a full-on D.J. and magic reality of which we are still trying to figure out the tricks involved.

As with all variety shows, none can be complete without the presence of a celebrity and this year, Mrs. Cover the "Madonna" joined Pirate Captain Peterson, T-Rex Silvia Fattori (G7) and Bubblicious Miles Chou (G10), in their full gear as hard-to-please judges. Even they were very impressed. The masters-of-ceremony were Tim Bartlett who brought back his cool, calm and hilarious acting skills toghether with Ben Baumgarten, who kept the audience cracking up with their comedic jokes and intros to the performances.  ‚Äč

The new chairman of Student Council, Ji-Ho Jung took over the direction of the event in collaboration with Mr. de Beer, Mr. Graham and Ms. Walsh.

A big thank you to the Student Council for organising the event and entertaining the community as well as raise funds for a worthy course.

Click here to view Talent Show 2017 Slideshow