Junior School students raise over €500 for the Hamburg “Winternotprogramm”

At ISH, we have a set definition of Internationalism. We believe internationally-minded individuals

• Are curious about the world, other peoples and ideas

• Listen to other voices

• Strive to see the world through others’ eyes and look beyond their own horizons

• Respect themselves, their community and environment on a local and global level

• Take action to make the world a better place.

These ISH guiding statements were put into action by three of our Grade 5 students: through their own independent initiative, Finn de Vroet, Jay Archard and Lukas Snow sought permission to organize a “Bake Sale for the Homeless”. Moved by the number of homeless people they witnessed at a local train station during the cold winter months, the three students got creative. With a little culinary help from their parents, Finn, Jay and Lukas raised over €500 for the Hamburg Winternotprogramm, a volunteer organization that houses and feeds thousands of homeless people in Hamburg over the freezing winter months.

This past Thursday, ISH welcomed Frau Aline Zieher, volunteer for the Hamburg Winternotprogramm. Finn, Jay and Lukas presented her with the money they raised, and Frau Zieher showed the students photos of the shelter (with over 950 beds occupied each evening), and explained how the funds the boys raised would be spent.


We are very proud of our students. It was a true learning experience for us all!


To view more pictures of the meeting with Frau Zieher, please click here.