Student Support Services

The Student Support Services Team (SSST) screens, determines services, and monitors referred students whose significant social, emotional, behavioral, or academic differences have been noticed by class or subject teachers. Following a set referral procedure, team members assess the student’s needs, through consultation, observation and testing. Then a team recommendation is made regarding the specialist and the type of support the student needs to develop to their fullest potential. The SSST consists of:

The SSST also liaises with other outside specialists and therapists in order to provide the widest array of services possible for ISH families.


Jonathan D'Amico
Head of Student Support Services

Tel.: +49 (0)40 8000 50 185

Members of SSST

Learning Support
Jonathan D'Amico (Head of Student Support Services)
Ruth Chignell-Stapleton
Catherine McNaughton

Terence Lee

Sean Rollosson (Junior School)
André-Karl Bélair (Secondary School)

College Counselling
Birgit Preu