Intramural Sports

ISH offers a wide range of intramural sports for those students who wish to participate in a weekly sports activity, either over a restricted number of weeks or for the entire school year. The intramural sports programme is designed for our younger students (students in grades P1 to 4 who are too young to join the NECIS Sports programme); and for those older students (grades 5 to 12) who do not wish to commit to a NECIS team (or in addition to) but instead prefer to play recreational sports in a non-competitive environment. Practices are held once a week and take place at various times throughout the school year – see table below. Students are expected to wear appropriate sports clothing at all times. Although more relaxed than the NECIS Sports programme, participants in the intramural programme are expected to attend the weekly practices on a regular basis so that the whole group enjoys a more satisfying experience. 

During the school year 2016-2017 there will be three periods of intramural sports:

  • Week beginning August 29th to week ending November 4th
  • Week beginning November 7th to week ending March 17th
  • Week beginning March 20th to week ending June 16th

Please note that some activities run for all three periods whereas others are limited to one or two periods. Please refer to the sports calendar link on the right for more details.


Garry Jones
ECAP Coordinator, ISH Athletic Director, and NECIS Sports Council Chairman

Tel: +49 (0) 40 8000 50 144

Intramural Sports Calendar 2016-2017