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"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." Malcolm X 



The International School of Hamburg was founded more than half a century ago, but our current facilities were built as recently as 2010.

Expanded and remodeled in 2015, they now leave nothing to be desired. With 41,000sqm of school grounds and 19,000sqm of building ground surface ISH possesses plenty of space for approximately 950 students.

The architects have designed buildings that offer a quiet ambiance for the education of pupils of different nations and cultures. It is a complex where the diversity of the daily school life can be lived and fully developed.

An unpretentious, yet sophisticated open-space architecture was chosen that serves as a temporary anchorage far off from one’s native country. The school’s privileged location in Hamburg’s green belt also contributes to the creation of a feel good environment.


In accordance with our school’s strong traditions in the performing arts, at the heart of ISH’s campus is a Performing Arts Centre. It incorporates a 400-seat multifunctional auditorium (“aula”), drama teaching spaces, music classrooms, music practice rooms and display areas. The auditorium features professional sound, lighting, and projection technology to ensure that many different theatrical genres can be staged under ideal conditions. Indeed, the quality of the performances at ISH regularly draws many guests from beyond the school community. The auditorium is also a popular location for fairs, conferences, guest performances and various other events.


Many of our students will apply for jobs that do not even exist yet. In order to get - and keep - them they will need to use ever-evolving technology. Consequently the International School of Hamburg has made proficiency in the use of information and communication technologies one of its key learning goals.

This is reflected in the facilities we provide, including two inter-connected computer laboratories and a modern media room (both equipped with iMacs) as well as a school-wide wireless network. All classrooms are equipped with the latest interactive whiteboards. An extensive iPad programme ensures availability of tablets for learning purposes - beyond the two that reside in each classroom at all times.

Not least, ICT lessons and Digital Citizenship classes run by qualified teachers and members of our IT department (among them Apple-Certified Educators) ensure our students cope successfully with the challenges of the digital age. Click here for more.


The study of Science and its related disciplines is an integral component of the curriculum at ISH. The existence of contemporary and well-equipped science laboratories to support the curriculum is a must, hence the Science Department facilities at ISH are modern and well resourced. There are seven well-equipped laboratories, three preparation rooms, and a science seminar room. Naturally, the Science Department also benefits greatly from ISH’s significant ICT resources.


A well-resourced and easily accessible library is crucial to successful education. Centrally located and featuring large display, work and lounge areas as well as up-to-date technology, the Saalfeld Family Library reflects our overall commitment to student centred learning and to the provision of outstanding library services. Two full-time Librarians and two Library Assistants manage and maintain around 45,000 materials that have been accumulated so far–more than some universities can claim.


Our Intramural and NECIS sports programmes require facilities of the highest order and the sporting facilities on our campus satisfy just that. Be it the three gym halls, the climbing wall, the fully equipped fitness studio, the 100m four-lane tartan running track, the full-size soccer pitch, the street soccer field, the long and triple jump areas, the permanent volleyball court, the facilities for high jump/discus/shot put/ball-throwing, or the two multipurpose areas for basketball, volleyball and soccer–it’s all there and in great condition. Thanks to the Rot-Gelb Club next door, ISH students can even make use of excellent tennis, cricket and hockey facilities. A nearby swim hall can be reached by bus within minutes.


ISH also features several facilities that cannot be easily subsumed under the previous categories, but are nevertheless important to daily school life. Secondary School students, for instance, can retreat into a cozy Student Lounge equipped with sofas and armchairs. Two playgrounds, one for the main student population and a second one accessible only to our youngest students, promise great fun outside the classrooms. A modern cafeteria that serves breakfast, lunch and snacks provides delicious sustenance. Lastly a Multipurpose Room, built as recently as 2015 and outfitted with sophisticated AV equipment, serves as location for workshops, conferences, events and–thanks to the built-in mirrors, parquet flooring and ballet bar–dance lessons.


The ISH Cafeteria features close to 300 seats and was recently equipped with new furniture in 2017. It is run and managed by a dedicated team from Aramark. Meals, always served fresh, are local and international cuisines cooked on site with regional products of meats and vegetables.

Meet the Cafeteria Team