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Food Services


The Aramark Team at the International School of Hamburg

                              Assistant Chef and the Aramark team

Aramark Team at the International School of Hamburg

             Chief Chef Marcus Tusch and the Aramark team

The School Cafeteria is run by Aramark, an international company that has been our school caterer for the last few years. Aramark is well known for cooking local and international cuisines on site. They specialise with regional products of meats and vegetables, and the food is always served fresh.The caterer is led by chief chef, Mr. Marcus Tusch, who has worked in many hotels and restaurants for many years and his team consists of an assisting chef and coffee baristas a diverse team from Portugal, Italy, Ghana and Germany, all highly trained in running coffee bars, cooking, making pastries, sandwiches and desserts.

Chef Marcus Tusch of the International School of Hamburg

Mr. Tusch is a family man, who believes that children should not only eat healthily but also understand what they consume and the nutritional values that come with it. He loves to travel but is mostly passionate about cooking. He loves to cook for family and friends because as he puts it, "Liebe geht durch den Magen." The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. His favourite cuisine is Asian because it is healthy, diverse and there is always something new to try out in it.

Mr. Tusch creates the weekly menu which can be found on our parent portal and parents are always welcome to stick around, enjoy a caffe latte and chat with their peers. 

Together with Junior School Principal, Dr. Weishof, he is always at hand talking with the students about their food options when they come into the cafeteria. 

Students use a cashless payment system for convenience and fast service as well as for monitoring transactions. The ISH Cafeteria features close to 300 seats and was recently equipped with new furniture in 2017. 

The ISH Cafeteria