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Mission and Values



At ISH, our programs, our policies and our purpose are united in the shared values that put our students at the center of everything we do. As builders of an internationally-minded community, our faculty and staff strive to inspire and motivate every student while ensuring high academic challenge, the innovative use of technology, and a committed focus on the social, moral and emotional well-being of every child in our care. We forge strong partnerships with parents to create a learning environment in which students respect and embrace an ever-growing, interconnected global society and to recognize the value of service to others.

Our Values

Everybody Safe
Everybody Kind
Everybody Respected
Everybody Responsible

Students First

Recognizing our responsibility to prepare our students for global citizenship, as well as to teach them all of the very basic human values, we base our programs and policies on fulfilling every student’s needs.

Teachers as Community Builders

ISH faculty plays a key role in delivering a well-rounded education for our students–one that neither begins nor ends in the classroom alone, and includes social, moral, and emotional growth.
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International Understanding

ISH bases its educational approach on creating a learning environment where students can grow to become “citizens of the world", actively engaged in promoting those principles defined by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Educational Inspiration

ISH strives to inspire and motivate every student. Faculty and administrators work together to provide inspired educational leadership to all students at ISH.

Academic Challenge

ISH offers students an academically challenging environment, based on realistic goals to assure that each student achieves his/her full academic potential. Students are expected to master an age appropriate set of skills necessary to become life-long learners.

Balanced Program

ISH makes every effort to offer a balanced program of study, sports, arts and a wide variety of after school activities for all in order to promote the all-round education of our students.

Modern Technological Advancement

ISH aspires to make new technologies, facilities and the most innovative tools available for our students and faculty in order to promote a highly rigorous academic environment and personal growth.
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Partnership with Parents

ISH believes that the involvement of parents is integral to the success of our students. ISH parents are viewed as partners in our educational process. 
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