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The ISH Team

The ISH team is everyone - from our Head of School to teachers, assistants, bookkeepers, facilities and many more.

We are more than 150 members of faculty and staff from over 20 nations. Some of us have been at ISH for 30 years whilst others have just recently joined the school, but we all share the same goals: To provide your children with an international education that seeks to develop their full potential, to foster understanding, respect for others, freedom of thought and expression, enjoyment of learning and personal responsibility.

On this page you have the chance to get to know some of our staff team a little bit better!

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Use the 'Keyword' section below to look for a specific member of staff. If you leave the 'Keyword' section blank and select one of the school's departments by using the 'Location' field, you get an overview of our team working in the specific areas. Please note that for privacy reasons, there are some ISH Team members missing on this page.

The ISH Team

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Trena Abbott

Junior School Classroom Teacher

Pedro Almeida

Teacher of Physical Education, Junior School

Caitlin Anderson

Junior School Classroom Teacher

Zoe Andrews

ECC/Junior School Counsellor

Francisco Baena-Moreno

Teacher of Spanish, Secondary School

Emma Barnes

School Counsellor

Jaime Bedoya Zuluaga

Teacher of Physical Education

Vera Behrning

Business Director

Martin Bergt

System Administrator / Device Management

JoAnna Blair

Teacher of Mathematics

Xenia Braun

Junior School Classroom Teacher

Rebecca Card-Hyatt

Teacher of English, Secondary School

Drew Cover

Director of Educational Technology

James Dalton

IB DP Coordinator

Jay Dalton

Learning Support Teacher, Secondary School

Praveen David

Teacher of Visual Arts

Werner Denk

Head of Modern Languages Department, Teacher of German Language and Literature

Jackie van der Steege

Head of MYP Design Department

Cara DeRosa

Junior School Classroom Teacher

Anja Dexter

ECC Classroom Assistant

Jonathan Dexter

Junior School Music Teacher

Elisabeth Ellermann

Teacher of German, Secondary School

David Ezard

EAL Teacher and MEP & ECAP Coordinator

Martin Främke

Information System Administrator

Kathryn Freeburn

MYP Coordinator, Head of Mathematics Department, Teacher of Mathematics

Kate Fromhagen

Junior School Classroom Teacher

Sandra Gaede

ECC Classroom Assistant

Amy Gatesman-Meier

Learning Support Teacher, Junior School

Christopher Graham

Secondary School Assistant Principal, Head of Visual & Performing Arts

Jaki Graham

ECC and Junior School Principal

Susan Gromoll

Junior School Secretary

Susan Guess-Cover

Teacher of Individuals and Societies

Akin Gürler

Facility Manager

Laura Hanf

Teacher of Mathematics Secondary School

Matthew Hanf

Teacher of Modern Languages

Patricia Hayward

Teacher of MYP Food Design and EAL, Secondary School

Monika Hendrix

Teacher of Modern Languages

Thomas Hobbins

Athletics Director