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Our school Vision is to develop aware, capable and confident global citizens empowered to address the major challenges of the XXI century. Climate change is one of them.

Whilst ISH students have been running ecological initiatives for decades, in 2022 we decided to step up the effort school-wide.  Led by a small but passionate group of students, parents, Alumni and ISH staff, Let's Green ISH  drives our effort to help ISH make a difference – ecologically – for our community.  




Please refer to this page regularly to learn about our projects in progress. If you want to volunteer your time, ideas or expertise to help carry out our goals, please register here.


Meet our bees

ISH is proud to host two bee colonies on campus. Surrounded by green and the extraordinary plant diversity of the botanical garden next door, our school is a place of choice to keep bees and yield quality honey. 

Bees play a crucial role in pollination and the overall health of our ecosystems. Partnering with Place4bees, a Hamburg company dedicated to bee conservation is a wonderful way to provide our students with hands-on experiences to appreciate their importance.

By establishing and managing two bee colonies at ISH, the students learn about bees' vital role in our ecosystems and gain a deeper understanding of how they are impacted by human activities while actively contributing to their preservation.

Additionally, the initiative aligns with our waste management goals, as beekeeping can contribute to reducing food waste through the conversion of excess honey (40kg per year) and beeswax production. Beekeeping also provides opportunities for learning about wider sustainable practices, such as organic gardening and the importance of a healthy environment.

Finally, since our community of learners extends beyond the students, our staff and other community members are also invited to participate in a beekeeping course starting each January. 

Our goals

  1. Involve ISH’s community (students, parents, staff) in environmental issues and actions
  2. Help make ISH’s facilities and operations eco-friendly
  3. Inspire creative green solutions and wise use of resources on and off the campus

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