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Early Childhood Centre

The Early Childhood Centre (ECC) at the International School of Hamburg is comprised of our youngest students in Primary 1 (age 3), Primary 2 (age 4) and Primary 3 (age 5).

Since 2010, the ECC has its own purpose-built section of the school building with direct access to a separate, developmentally designed playground area. Our P3 students are located within the Junior School section of the school to allow a smoother transition into the Junior School. 

As learners in the ECC, children are encouraged to become confident and motivated learners, risk takers and explorers. They are encouraged to understand that mistakes are part of the learning process and to find solutions to problems. Our small class sizes allow children in the ECC to develop their imagination and creativity through following their own discoveries and explorations. They develop self-efficacy and develop interdependence and independence. E.C.C teachers build a positive relationship with children based upon respect and kindness. We provide an environment that promotes trust, respect, safety, tolerance, risk taking and kindness.

For more information contact:

Jennifer Maerz
Junior School Secretary
Tel: +49 (0) 40 8000 50 124

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