Embark on a voyage of learning

Education Technology

At ISH, students and faculty use technology to facilitate authentic learning in every phase of our inquiry-based academic process.

This is reflected in the facilities and services we provide:

  • Interactive whiteboard (or touch screen) facilities in every classroom
  • Three technology-enhanced classroom laboratories
  • A Media and Design Technology Lab with 3D printers, Laser Cutter, a vacuum former, and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software
  • Bookable MacBook carts
  • Classroom sets of iPads or MacBooks
  • Reliable and fast school-wide wifi
  • An ever-growing, yet carefully-selected palette of collaborative digital platforms and tools embedded into school life, including G-Suite for Education and Seesaw
  • Divisional learning technology coaches
  • A professionally-staffed technology support centre (TSC)

Whether it’s for inquiry or the construction of knowledge, for the inception of ideas, or the development of products and processes, or simply to communicate with teacher and peers and keep track of learning goals, our range of tools empowers our students to be independent and organised learners of the digital age.

ISH Student working on an iPad
Digital Design class at the International School of Hamburg