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Class of 2018

May 2018 IB Diploma Results


60 students (56 in 2017 ) were registered for the full I.B. Diploma Programme and 55 graduates (51 in 2017 ) received their IB Diploma resulting in a 92% pass rate (91% in 2017 ) compared to the worldwide pass rate of 78.3%.

The average overall score for ISH students was 30.7 points (32.5 in 2017 ) compared to the world average of 29.8 points.

Course Averages

ISH students wrote exams in 42 different IBDP courses (45 in 2017). The average score achieved by ISH students exceeded the world average in 25 of the 42 courses (29 in 2017).

Bonus Points

Students can achieve up to a maximum of 3 Bonus Points for their Extended Essay and TOK Essay. The average Bonus Point score for ISH students was 1.53 (1.67 in 2017). The Worldwide average was 1.22.

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