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Junior School

Welcome to the Junior School!                                         

The Junior School at the International School of Hamburg provides a comprehensive, differentiated learning environment for all students Grades 1 through 5. Our students are active participants in a challenging and balanced English-language curriculum with an internationally-minded focus.

As learners in the Junior School, our students experience true enjoyment of learning and are encouraged to think critically and solve problems individually and within learning groups. Following the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), students learn to ask questions, reflect on their learning, celebrate diversity and reach a high standard of academic achievement. Our highly qualified teaching staff is committed to building a community that fosters creativity, leadership, kindness and a life-long love of learning. Together, the Junior School is a community of students, teachers, parents and friends who support the development of learning, the culture of caring, and the celebration of everyone’s potential!

Our students

With approximately 350 children from over 50 countries, our Junior School students represent a wide spectrum of cultural experiences and language backgrounds. Similar to most international schools, classes at ISH are designed for multi-cultural, multi-lingual students who are in the process of learning and mastering the English language.  Approximately 25% of our students are native English speakers and approximately 30% of our students are German nationals.  

Our Academic Program

Students follow an established and research-based program of study that includes Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, the Singapore approach to mathematics, and the IPC, which integrates inquiry-based units in Science, History, Geography, Art, Technology, and International Understanding (click on the menu bar on the left-hand side to read more about these programs). Of equal importance are the IPC Personal Goals which highlight the critical role that personal and interpersonal skills play in a child’s development.

All Junior School students experience a cross-curricular program that includes specialist lessons in Music, German, Physical Education, Library Skills, and Information and Communication Technology. Students learn to utilize state-of-the-art integrated technology with confidence and responsibility, and build rich connections to the Hamburg community through local trips and outdoor education.

Our Team of Professionals

Teachers in the Junior School work collaboratively to provide the optimal learning environment for our students - one that utilises their collective skill and expertise, and puts students at the centre of everything we do.  Professional development is a key element of ongoing teacher growth and training, and we hold the idea of life-long learning in high regard. Indeed, the Junior School at ISH was the first international school in Germany to follow the coaching model of professional development with two academic coaches in the area of Literacy and Math.  From 15 different countries around the world, our teaching faculty and staff promote the ideals of international mindedness and learning as a joyous endeavour.

Junior School Student International School of Hamburg


Junior School at the International School of Hamburg