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German Language Instruction

The Junior School German programme aims to give the foreign language student a tool to feel comfortable in Germany.  

We believe that communication skills are important to enable our students to interact with people in the host country and create understanding, acceptance and respect for the country's traditions and customs. All students are exposed to the language and culture as well as current events and topics of general interest at their respective levels.

German as a mother tongue is taught to native speakers and very advanced language learners in Grades 1 to 5. Reading, spelling and writing are judged as the core task for our native speakers. In Grades 3 to 5, the students develop more proficiency in all areas of the language: writing, spelling, reading and language reflection are judged as the essential aspects of the mother tongue curriculum. Students also experience the richness of the German language through poems, rhymes, fairy tales, stories, literature, topics, plays and songs.