Embark on a voyage of learning

Integrated Technology

Our technology program has been carefully designed to promote a rich, collaborative, and age-appropriate learning environment for all students in all classrooms. It is designed to empower the students to:

  • comprehend grade level concepts
  • create and construct their own learning
  • connect to others learners inside and outside of ISH
  • communicate their learning to others

Junior School students use a variety of technology to help support and enhance their learning across the curriculum. Weekly Information and Communication Technology (ICT) classes in our Integrated Technology Learning Lab, which is equipped with 24 iMac computers, allow the students to develop necessary skills to become confident and responsible users of technology. Our program is not a one-to-one model: every classroom is equipped with a minimum of four iPads for regular student use in research, skills practice, and small group work. A cart with 24 iPads is available for integrated technology activities which enhance students' ability to experience teamwork and collaborative learning using digital devices. Additionally, Grade 5 students have access to a MacBook Air laptop cart for regular use in their curriculum. This opportunity helps bridge our Grade 5 students to the technology use expected in Middle School.

ISH Student working on an iPad

All students in Grades 3-5 are asked to sign the ISH Junior School Responsible Use Policy, which is discussed during their ICT lessons.