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English as Additional Language

Purpose and Philosophy

The Junior School EAL programme is designed to meet the needs of ISH students whose native language is not English. These students receive lessons in English in small groups to meet individual needs as well as classroom support while they acquire the language,vocabulary and structures which they need both to function effectively within their classes and to integrate into the school community.

EAL at the International School of Hamburg

The EAL curriculum offers continuity and progression from Primary 3 to Grade 5 and is taught in a supportive environment that promotes pleasure in learning and pride in achievement. It provides the fullest possible support for students learning English, who make up a large part of the school population, as they become independent learners in an English environment.

The EAL department’s goal is for all non-native English speaking students to be independent learners in the regular classroom where English is the language of instruction. This includes an ability to be successful communicators in the broad social “culture” of the school, as well as in the smaller academic environment of the homeroom class, and requires independence in both BICS (Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills) and CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency).