Embark on a voyage of learning

Junior School Leadership Team

Teachers in the Junior School work collaboratively to provide the optimal learning environment for our students - one that utilises their collective skill and expertise, and puts students at the centre of everything we do.

Professional development is a key element of ongoing teacher growth and training, and we hold the idea of life-long learning in high regard. Indeed, the Junior School at ISH was the first international school in Germany to follow the coaching model of professional development with two academic coaches in the area of Literacy and Math.  From 15 different countries around the world, our teaching faculty and staff promote the ideals of international mindedness and learning as a joyous endeavour.

Jaki Graham
Junior School Principal

Junior School Assistant Principal at the International School of Hamburg

Tracey Rabbitts
Junior School Assistant Principal

Kristin Izsak
Early Childhood Coordinator

Ms. Prudence Beauchamp, Literacy Coach

Prudence Beauchamp Literacy Coach 

Jennifer Roberge-Renaud
Math Coach

Laura Jakubowski Technology Integration Coach

Hannah Richardson Head of EAL

Andreas Klimkeit, German Language teacher at the International School of Hamburg

Kaja Ritters German Language Coach

 Jonathan Dexter, Junior School Head of Music

Jonathan Dexter
Head of Music