Embark on a voyage of learning

MYP Service

Service is a significant component in our Middle Years Programme, providing our learners the opportunity to engage in our local and global community and act to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to the environment.

Service at ISH

Service activities at ISH evolve beyond doing for others to engaging with others in a shared commitment towards the common good. Service activities at ISH are interesting, challenging and fun for our learners. Learners are able to engage in experiences that meet the requirements of the Service Programme. Our Service Programme is an avenue to fulfil ISH’s mission statement and work with learners to pursue service activities that they are passionate about.

Grade level Service participation

In the MYP students take part in service activities in our school, local and global community. Learners in Grade 6 – 7 are expected to take part in one short-term service activity per school year and Grades 8 – 10 learners are expected to take part in two service activities per school year, one short-term and one long-term. In addition, in Grade’s 6 and 7 learners work within their grade group on a collaborative project guided by the MYP Service Coordinator. Students in Grades 8 – 10 become involved in projects of their own choosing. It is wonderful to note that many learners see these as the minimum requirement and will become actively involved in multiple long-term activities or short-term activities.

Service Expo at ISH

Reflection is a vital element of the service programme at ISH and learners reflect on their actions in relation to service learning outcomes and the specific goals of each project.

ISH has a variety of service activities operating including many student-led activities. Our service activities are showcased twice a year in our Service Expo, held in conjunction with the Diploma Programme. Students are able to join new activities and to see the progress and successes of our service projects.