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Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Music

The International School of Hamburg lays claim to a fantastic Arts Programme which provides students with an opportunity to show-case their talents visually, dramatically and musically both in and outside of the classroom. For more on this department, Click here.


English has a unique position at ISH as it is a subject at the heart of the curriculum and is the language of instruction at the school.

We recognize and celebrate the cultural and linguistic diversity of our student body yet we are aware that proficiency in English is essential for academic success at the school. In order to meet the needs of students who enter the school with limited competence in English we offer a structured programme of EAL support. For more on this department, Click here.


All students take mathematics through to Grade 12 as an essential part of their education.

The mathematics which students study at ISH embrace the concepts of number, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and probability, which are integrated in our courses to form a meaningful body of skills and knowledge. For more on this department, Click here.

Individuals and Societies

The study of Individuals and Societies helps students to develop their identities as individuals and as responsible members of local and global communities.

Students research and analyse information on societies and put a focus on real- world examples. For more information on this department, Click here.

modern languages

The Modern Languages Programme offers courses for students grades 6 to 12.

In the Middle Years, ISH offers German, French and Spanish as additional languages, commonly referred to as Languages B. Students are placed into classes according to their language level or phase. Those who are fluent in English, study German and one other language, either French or Spanish. The classes emphasize cultural understanding, oral and written communication as well as comprehension of visual and written texts. For more information on this department, Click here.

MYP Design

Design in the MYP curriculum allows students to be exposed to design challenges that have a real-world solution and helps them to better understand the positive impact that they can have.

Student’s follow a curriculum that covers the three elements of design; Food Design, Product Design & Digital Design. All three disciplines use the Design Cycle which encompass the four assessment criterion. Click here for more.

physical education

Our main belief in Physical Education is that students should enjoy being physically active.

Our holistic and well-balanced Physical Education curriculum teaches students to appreciate the benefits of being physically active with a view to maintaining a lifetime interest in physical fitness and sports. For more information on this department, Click here.


We wish to encourage the development of transferable skills, so, in the classroom we guide students to review and reflect on assessments. Reflection on assessment outcomes leads to learning. We believe that such reflective skills will lead to independent, inquiring thinkers who understand how they learn. For more information on this department, Click here.