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MYP Design

Design in the MYP curriculum allows students to be exposed to design challenges that have a real-world solution and helps them to better understand the positive impact that they can have.

Student’s follow a curriculum that covers the three elements of design; Food Design, Product Design & Digital Design. All three disciplines use the Design Cycle which encompass the four assessment criterion:

  • Inquiring and Analysing
  • Developing ideas
  • Creating the solution
  • Evaluate

The process helps students to research various topics, develop a range of design ideas, which are then finalised in the creation of a product and ultimately assessed using surveys and tests.

Design Programme

In the first four years of the Design programme students are introduced to different concepts, contexts, processes and systems which then culminate in students deciding what course or outcome they will create for design challenges which are set in the final year of the course.

Design Projects

Students are given the opportunity to learn from a range of projects such as:

  • Coding for websites and apps
  • create 3D modelling using Computer aided design and 3D printed models
  • electronics – arduino based products
  • create food menus and create the food from these recipes
  • Drone challenges
  • Vacuum forming
  • Vinyl cutting stickers and labels
  • Laser cutting
  • use of a range of power tools and a large selection of other traditional workshop tools and machinery using the maker-space lab, digital design software including the adobe range with the use of 24 MacBooks in the design workspace and a mac lab consisting of 20 macs.

Design as a Foundation

Not only is Design a good foundation for future studies in media and design based courses it gives students a good understanding and knowledge of the design process and the personal project which students will undertake in Grade 10.

MYP Design at the International School in Hamburg

Digital Design at the International School of Hamburg