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All students take mathematics through to Grade 12 as an essential part of their education.

The mathematics which students study at ISH embrace the concepts of number, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and probability, which are integrated in our courses to form a meaningful body of skills and knowledge.

The courses we offer are designed to achieve aims that students should be successful in the appropriate IB Mathematics course and so be well-equipped for their further education by the end of Grade 12.

About Maths courses

Our aims in the courses we offer are to:

  • Develop skills in working systematically and logically.
  • Develop skills of interpretation and analysis of mathematical data.
  • Extend the student’s ability to communicate understanding in various mathematical ways.
  • Encourage resourcefulness and initiative by the student in solving problems.
  • Give the student an appreciation of order and structure in a variety of situations and so help students to appreciate the beauty and the power of mathematics.
  • Make students aware of the cultural, historical and international dimensions of mathematics.
  • Help the student work individually with confidence and so develop skills of patience and persistence.
  • Encourage the student to work cooperatively with others.
  • Develop an interest in mathematics which promotes further study.
  • Maximise the student’s potential in mathematics, for instance by challenging the more-able and by encouraging the less-able through rewarding positive achievement.