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Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Programme offers courses for students grades 6 to 12.

In the Middle Years, ISH offers German, French and Spanish as additional languages, commonly referred to as Languages B. Students are placed into classes according to their language level or phase. Those who are fluent in English, study German and one other language, either French or Spanish. The classes emphasize cultural understanding, oral and written communication as well as comprehension of visual and written texts. Students who reach a high proficiency can continue to study the language as Language A.

Language & Literature
In the Middle Years, ISH offers English and German as first languages, commonly referred to as Language A.  Language A equips students with linguistic, analytical and communicative skills. Students study literary, non-literary and visual texts, develop their skills for creative and expository writing and learn to present their viewpoints. 

In the Diploma Programme, students study at least two languages, either one Language A and one Language B (a choice of German, French, Spanish or English) or two Languages A.