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Theatre Arts

ISH has a strong tradition in the theatrical arts, well reflected in the curricula and extra-curricula offering of its drama department. At the heart of the drama curriculum is the aim to provide a deeper understanding of how drama relates to society and the world.

Drama is a compulsory subject in the middle school years from grades 6 to 8. In these years the drama programme aims to develop social and personal communication. Students enhance their performance skills by learning to use body and voice as a form of expression. Students also perform cooperative work with peers in small and large groups, developing their interpersonal skills in an ensemble environment. The usage of various theatre elements as well as an appreciation of the role theatre plays in societal situations are also key curricula components.


From grade 9 onwards Theatre is a as an elective course to those students who have an interest beyond the middle school drama program. The course is a pre-IB course which prepares students for the rigorous IB Theatre program. Venturing above and beyond the middle school programme students explore various theatrical forms & traditions in their historical cultures as well as develop critical analysis skills in relation to theatrical context.

The IB Theatre course is designed to encourage students to examine theatre in its diversity of forms around the world.  This may be achieved through a critical study of the theory, history and culture of theatre, and will find expression through workshopping, devised work or scripted performance.  Students will come to understand that the act of imagining, creating, presenting and critically reflecting on theatre in its past and present contexts embodies the individual and social need to investigate and find explanations for the world around us.

At the core of the theatre course lies a concern with clarity of understanding, critical thinking, reflective analysis, effective involvement and imaginative synthesis—all of which should be achieved through practical engagement in theatre.

The ISH Theatre department is a member of ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association), an organization that promotes Theatre throughout the world.

Theatre student solo performance

Theatre student solo performance

Theatre students recreate an act a 1960s classroom

Theatre students recreate and act a 1960's classroom