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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department provides a continuous program of instruction from grade 6-12. In the middle school all students attend visual arts classes for two double periods per week. From grade 9 courses become optional and students who may be intending to choose one of the I.B. Visual Arts courses are strongly advised to take the options in grades 9 and 10.

The Visual Arts Syllabus

The visual arts syllabus is framed by the aims and philosophy of the International Baccalaureate. In addition to the usual activities we have specialist resources for ceramics, photography and digital imaging. We believe that as welcome as the advances in technology are to increase the range of communicative and expressive means available to our students, the interactions that take place between relatively simple materials can help to expand, deepen and refine perception and will always have a place in the repertoire of human communication.

As beguiling and seductive as a touch screen is, it is neither a substitute for nor can it adequately replace the calligraphic swirl of ink made by a pen across a sheet of paper, the sleek or rugged form of a pot shaped by hand out of clay or the forceful impasto of a brush loaded with colour across a canvas. Underlying these activities are complex feelings which may remain profoundly inexplicable but they are also celebratory, life-affirming actions that connect the past with the future and our outer selves with our inner spaces.      

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