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Physical Education/Health

At ISH our main belief in Physical Education is that students should enjoy being physically active.

Our holistic and well-balanced Physical Education curriculum teaches students to appreciate the benefits of being physically active with a view to maintaining a lifetime interest in physical fitness and sports.

Our programme

Our programme encourages students to become independent learners, enabling them to independently solve problems that they will encounter in the course of their physical activities. Students learn to evaluate initial attempts and decide how to modify subsequent attempts to reach success. They learn about the rewards of consolidating particular skills through practice and repetition.

We want students to have a positive attitude towards physical activity and thus stress the importance of observing the conventions of fair play, honest competition and good sporting behaviour. Students learn to understand and cope with a variety of outcomes, including success and failure. Students are encouraged to appreciate their strengths and to be aware of the weaknesses of both themselves and others in relation to different activities.

Safe practice is an integral part of enjoying physical activity at ISH. Students are taught to be concerned with their own and others' safety in all activities undertaken. This presupposes an understanding for the importance of warming up for, and recovery from, exercise, to prevent injury. A readiness to respond to instructions and signals as well as to follow relevant rules and codes is instilled in our students, as is the importance of adopting good posture, good hygiene, and the correct use of the body at all times, also when lifting, carrying and placing equipment.

The Physical Education Department offers a rich tapestry of curricula and extra curricular activities for the school community. For a comprehensive overview of the extra-curricula sporting activities offered at ISH please visit the ECAP section.