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College Counselling

The college search and application process is a comprehensive task, one with many rewards as well as challenges. The process takes several years if done thoroughly. The key to a successful transition from high school to tertiary education is a timely and sound preparation.

At ISH the college counsellors work with students from Grades 9-12 in order to assist them as they search for prospective colleges/universities and careers in a variety of countries. In the context of an international school, we understand the varying needs of students applying to different countries, including different application requirements and deadlines. Our students attend higher education institutions in many countries worldwide. It is our common goal to help match the student’s individual hopes, wishes, interests and talents with the most suitable post-secondary choice. Information, advice and guidance are offered throughout the entire selection and application process. In addition to individual, family and group guidance sessions with the counsellors, students have access to a plethora of college-planning resources as well as college related activities in- and outside of ISH.

Information Resources

Additional resources compliment the collaboration between the student and the college counsellor.  We  receive college literature and free test preparation booklets, scholarship and financial aid information on a frequent basis. A selection of books on college relevant topics such as college majors, application essays, personal statements, campus visits and interviews, etc. are available in the library or in room 244.  In addition, numerous resources such as the ISH College Application Handbook, grade specific tasks and links have been organized by country and can be found in our Veracross database. At ISH students may also find it helpful to talk to members of the faculty and administration, as well as the parent community.

Standardised Testing

The International School of Hamburg is a certified test center for both the SAT a university admissions examination required and/or recommended by many U.S. universities, as well as some U.S. style universities overseas.  Both ISH and non-ISH students are welcome to take the test following proper registration. 

If you would like to take the SAT or SAT Subject Tests at ISH, please visit the College Board website directly to register: http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/sat/about.html

Our SAT Test Center number is: 57710

Our SAT School Code (for ISH students only) is: 734425

PSAT will be administered to 10th graders and 11th graders US citizens (optional).

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) will be offered at other test centers in the Hamburg area.  Registration online: www.toefl.org.  Our school code (for ISH students only) is: 8961.

Test dates for ISH are posted on the respective websites and on the ISH calendar.

ISH Events and visitors

Students should also make strong efforts to attend extra activities within the school e.g. visitors from universities, college nights, and fairs and exhibitions that the school supports or arranges trips to, e.g. College Fairs. Many university representatives pay us visits and they can provide information not just about their college but also about universities in general. They are used to and very open about answering general enquiries from students and parents. Please keep yourself informed about visitors to the school. Information is posted in various places like the university notice board in the hallway across from the IT department, the electronic student message board, the newsletter, etc.

ISH Graduates/Alumni


We are very much interested to hear from students who have graduated from ISH and who are currently in higher education. It would be very helpful to current ISH students if you were willing to share your experiences of your transition from school to university. Should you be an ambassador for your university you are most welcome to visit ISH with your presentation.

Graduates from university are requested to get in touch, especially if they would be willing to communicate with our existing students who may be applying to or enrolling in the university you attended. Why not register today for our Alumni Network.

International College Day held hosted by ISH

International College Day held hosted by ISH

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