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College Counselling

The college search and application process is a comprehensive task, one with many rewards as well as challenges. The process takes several years if done thoroughly. The key to a successful transition from high school to tertiary education is a timely and sound preparation.

At ISH the college counsellors work with students from Grades 9-12 in order to assist them as they search for prospective colleges/universities and careers in a variety of countries. In the context of an international school, we understand the varying needs of students applying to different countries, including different application requirements and deadlines. Our students attend higher education institutions in many countries worldwide. It is our common goal to help match the student’s individual hopes, wishes, interests and talents with the most suitable post-secondary choice. Information, advice and guidance are offered throughout the entire selection and application process. In addition to individual, family and group guidance sessions with the counsellors, students have access to a plethora of college-planning resources as well as college related activities in- and outside of ISH.

International College Day held hosted by ISH

International College Day held hosted by ISH

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