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Junior School Counselling

The Junior School Counselling Programme is based on two principles:

  • Students learn best in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Becoming a global citizen means more than developing academic competencies. We must also foster a child’s social, moral and emotional growth.

"It takes a village to raise a child" and the counselling department is here to partner with parents, students and staff to ensure the emotional wellbeing of the child. Transitions can be difficult and the counsellor actively supports students as they enter and leave our school.

The counselling programme is comprehensive and preventative in nature. All students from P1 to 5th grade receive guidance lessons from the counsellor to empower social/emotional growth. In addition the counsellor supports student needs in the form of small group and individual counselling.

Parents also receive individual consultation for any parenting concern including developmental and behavioural issues. Positive Discipline parenting workshops are also provided.

Guidance Curricula

  • Kelso’s Choices: A conflict resolution/problem-solving curriculum for the primary grades. Students learn 9 ways to solve small problems with Kelso the Frog.
  • Zones of Regulation: Helps students learn to recognize their various emotional states or zones. They then learn tools to change or stay in the zone they are in.
  • Steps to Respect: Teaches students how to recognize, refuse and report bullying.
  • Digital Citizenship: Students learn how to be safe, kind, respectful and responsible in the cyber world.
  • Career Day: 4th and 5th graders develop an awareness of personal abilities, skills, interests and motivations and relate them to future career possibilities. Activities culminate in a career day with volunteers from the community.

Group Counselling

Small group counselling can be an excellent way for peers to learn from each other and support each other in a safe, confidential environment. Students needing a bit of extra support in a specific area can participate in small group counselling. Here is a list of groups offered:

  • Anger Management Groups: These groups help students learn 4 steps to calm down and solve problems
  • Young Students’ Social Skills Play Groups: Young students learn social skills related to problem solving or friendship in the context of play
  • Separation and Divorce Groups: These groups are for students whose parents were recently separated or divorced.
  • Friendship Groups: These groups focus on social skills, empathy and identifying qualities that one looks for in a friend.
  • Girls in Real Life Situations: Gives girls an opportunity to feel empowered, gain self-awareness, develop positive coping mechanisms, improve daily problem-solving skills, feel connected with other girls and make healthy decisions as they grow.

New Student Lunches

In September and January, the counsellor conducts new student lunches. Ambassadors assigned by teachers also attend these meetings. This is a chance for the counsellor to get to know new students and vice versa.

Conflict Managers

Peer mediation is a structured, orderly, confidential process in which two neutral student mediators use conflict mediation techniques to help peers experiencing conflict.

Positive Discipline Parenting

The counsellor facilitates 7 week parenting workshops on a yearly basis. The group meets once a week to participate in experiential activities that enhance understanding about children’s motivations in order to develop respectful cooperative relationships with children that empower responsibility.


Junior School Group Counselling session with Mr. Rolloson

Junior School Group Counselling session with Mr. Rolloson