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ISH's Application Process

We want to make your application process to ISH as smooth as possible.
There are 3 steps for Online Admissions. 
This online application process is only for new applicants and not for re-enrollment.


Step 1:

In this section, fill in the general household information. This will lead you to our Admissions Portal where you create your account. 

Step 2:
Admissions Portal

In the Admissions Portal, fill out and upload all the necessary personal and academic information. There is an application fee of 500€ for every applicant.

Once all steps are completed, the school will review the application internally and be in touch with you with any questions. We aim to have this completed in one 1-2 weeks though depending on the volume of applications we receive, this can be longer or shorter. You can see the list of items that need to be completed here.

Step 3:

Once the school has submitted the enrolment decision, you are about 15 minutes away from joining the ISH community! 

In this section, complete the policies, sign the contract and review all information. We will stay in contact as you prepare for your first days at ISH.

Enrollment Policy

The International School of Hamburg exists to provide a quality international education in English for children in Hamburg. In general, admission is open to all students who can profit from such an education. The school cannot accept for admission students who:

  • require a self-contained program of special education separate from the mainstream;
  • cannot cope with the physical limitations of the buildings;
  • have a poor previous scholastic or behavioral record.

In the event of a waiting list being necessary, qualified applicants will be admitted on a “first come, first serve“ basis, giving due consideration to alternative choices of schools available in Hamburg and the international background of the family. Priority will be given to international students who would be unable to cope in the local German school system, and whose parents are on an international assignment in Hamburg for a limited time.


Families who are interested in sending their children to ISH should first contact the Admissions Office. Where possible, an appointment should be made for an interview to discuss the transfer and to see the school.

The Online Application should be completed and sent in with the application fee of EUR500. For an overview of all required items, click here.

Students are accepted throughout the year but will be placed in a grade or class according to the assessment made by the administration, and after placement testing in Mathematics and in English.