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5 Benefits to Joining the Alumni Network

1. Build an extensive network of former ISH students to develop your career and further your education.

2. Stay informed about the school and receive exclusive news through our alumni newsletters.

3. Meet up with former classmates or other ISH alumni from your area or around the world.

4. Gain access to our online directory to find fellow classmates or teammates.

5. Give back to the school by speaking at career day, providing an internship, joining the ISH Association or making a donation.

Contact the Alumni Office at with any questions.

Campus Tours

Planning a trip to Hamburg and/or want to visit us on campus? We would love to see you. Due to current covid health protocols, we ask you to let us know about your planned visit in advance. Please send an email to to book a visit.

Transcripts and Academic Records

We are happy to help if you are looking for a copy of your academic records. Please email with your request, along with the years and grades when you attended ISH.

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