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"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one" - Malcolm Forbes

Make a Gift

Your contributions will go directly towards improving the learning and teaching programme and the advancement of the ISH facilities.

What exactly is a donation?

By donating to the school you contribute voluntarily to ISH without expecting any direct benefit in return. Your grant contributes to the purpose of the ISH association. As a tax-privileged organisation, ISH is entitled to issue a donation receipt. This receipt allows you to claim special expenses in your tax declaration in order to reduce your private or corporate tax burden.

Types of donation:

  1. Cash Donation: If you donate less than 300€, your bank transfer slip will be a sufficient validation of the donation. Donations noting higher than 300€ are eligible for a donation receipt that the school will issue. 

    Donations can be made in either Euro or US Dollars through a bank transfer. You will receive confirmation of your donation by email or letter, as well as the appropriate tax receipt for your records. Click here to make a donation via Bank Transfer.

  2. Donations in kind: Donations in kind can be various items of your choice such as sports jerseys, items for the school's library, teaching materials and much more. ISH would issue a donation receipt as well.

  3. Voluntary work: Many parents already donate part of their time to help in various activities across the school. You can be active in the Parent-Teacher-Association (PTA), the classrooms or willing to offer courses or services in and around school. If you want to donate directly to the PTA, you can use paypal.

All forms of donations are highly appreciated and help support the school. 

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