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ISH Speaker Series

The International School of Hamburg ISH Speaker Series which features inspiring speakers who come talk to students, faculty and the ISH community at large on engaging topics, and informative content.

The sessions feature topics relevant to education, parenting, health or all three put together and we have already had many fascinating and renowned experts who not only hold lectures, but interact and hold interviews, seminars and workshops while they are visiting us. 

Please contact us for more information on our ISH Speaker Series and if you can recommend a speaker to us, even better!

Here are some of the most inspiring speakers at ISH.


Mr. Kevin Hawkings: “Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Social-Emotional Learning in Education” 

Mr. Lance King at ISH Speaker Series

Mr. Lance King: "The Learning Skills approach to academic and personal success". 

Mr. Terry Small at the ISH Speaker Series

Mr. Terry Small: “Your brain at work - Making the Science of Cognitive Fitness work for you!” 

Mr. Stuart Schmill at ISH Speker Series

Mr. Stuart Schmil: explained the steps towards a successful college application and in particular for the MIT.