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A look back at Grade 5 Graduation, 2019

As with every end of the school year, we have exciting moments to cherish, celebrate and look back on. Milestones are celebrated, as they are a mark of an achievement and an entry card to the next level. On the 27th of June, our not-so-little Grade 5 students successfully completed their junior school years and graduated in a beautiful ceremony held in the Aula. They sat in an orderly manner and proudly marched up to the podium to receive their flowers and certificates. The little grown ups, all smart and glamorous, were truly impressive.

Two students from each of their classes gave speeches – joyful and sad, serious and hilarious at the same time, as they talked about their experiences, class moments, school trips, beloved teachers and classmates and their motivations for moving forward. It was rather obvious that Charlotte, Laura, Nima, Léandre, Tito and Mana represented their classes. They are all very charismatic and well on their way to horning in their skills for public speaking.

Former Junior School Principal, Dr. Suzan Weishof and Junior School Assistant Principal, Mr. Andreas Klimkeit were there to hold the ceremony together. We were entertained by Olivia and Itay with March Royal by Cuthbert Harris, a piano duet, Itay’s piano rendition of Holiday in Paris by William Gillock and the grand finale of hit pop songs by ISH Junior School Rock Band. Congratulations, Grade 5 and welcome to Secondary School!