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A musical show to remember: Disco Inferno

We became a family!” were the words heard from the cast on the closing night of this year’s musical, Disco Inferno. The production on a whole was once again a huge success and nothing demonstrated this more than the students enjoyment expressed throughout the production. Again, their involvement as members of the cast, tech and backstage crews, set, costume and prop designers, hair and makeup teams, and as musicians in the live band, helped to bring this immense 70s Disco Show to life.

Heathcliffe and Lady Marmalade

This 70s-Disco-era inspired musical is a retelling of the classic German legend of Faust. It focuses on the story of a disco club worker named Jack (played by Vittorio), who has dreams of becoming a singing superstar. After selling his soul to the Devil, Jack’s dreams of fame are quickly realized, but he soon discovers that fame and popularity comes at a price when he begins to lose everything that he holds dear.

Jane singing 'I will survive' by Gloria Gaynor
At the cinema, Disco Inferno

There were many individual performances that exemplified the talents of our Performing Arts students: Vittorio’s interpretation of Jack convinced us of the sincerity of the character, while his fictional girlfriend Jane, played by Yesu, stunned audiences with her rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s, ‘I Will Survive’. The convincing performances of Meredith as Club Owner ‘Duke’ and ‘the Devil’, Aurelie as Lady Marmalade, and Jade as Nick Diablo, are worth an honorable mention, as with Tim and Paula, as Heathcliffe and Kathy, who demonstrated how there can be terrible consequences for the choices we make. 

'Hot Stuff' minions of Lady Marmalade, Disco Inferno

The most praiseworthy aspects of this production were the collective performances of the supporting cast with their romantic, shocking, traumatic, funny and soul-searching moments, which held the performance together as a whole. The acting, directed by the new Theatre Arts teacher Mr. Rui Da Cunha and Ms. Jenifer Roberge, and the dance moves choreographed by Ms. Elisha Menon, were superbly on point. The audience was taken back to the era of disco clubs, retro cinemas, bell-bottomed flares and the flamboyance of that defining the decade of the 70s. Throughout the performance, audiences were enthusiastic to sing along and move with the cast to the party music.

Vittorio as Jack, Disco Inferno

ISH has a long tradition of musical performances, this is largely due to the efforts of music teacher, Mr. Michiel de Beer who began at ISH in 2002 and helped to put on a musical in every year of his service to the school.

Mr. De Beer came to ISH with an extensive professional background in musical theatre, with amateur theatre companies and in his previous schools. Sadly, Mr. De Beer will be retiring at the end of this school year. We wish him joy and happiness in his new life direction.

Special thanks must go to the Tech and Backstage Crew, Set Design and Costumes Team, Hair and Make-up, Tanzania Project, Grade 7 students for poster designs, parents who helped adjust costumes, the Band and its guest members and the never-failing ISH community audience for the support. 




Jack Vittorio
Jane Yesu
Tom Hermion
Maggie Lara
Heathcliffe Tim
Kathy Paula
Terry Drew
Duke (Devil)  Meredith
Lady Marmalade Aurelie
Nick Diablo Jade
Lily (Barmaid) Charlie
Agnetha Laya
Anni-frid Mia
Benny Tommaso
Björn Oliver
Compare & Photographer Rose
Girl in Cinema Shiru
The Priest Gianluca
Lady M.’s Minion Heewon
Lady M.’s Minion & News reporter Elena
Dick Clarke Eidar
Television Announcer Yann
Company Kelly
Company Olivia
Company Søren
Company Lien
Radio Presenter Voice Over Dr. Howard De Leeuw
Production Staff  
Producer, Stage and Musical Direction    Mr. Chris Graham
Vocal and Musical Direction Mr. Michiel de Beer
Stage Direction/Tech Crew Mr. Rui Da Cunha
Stage Manager Ms. Jennifer Roberge-Renaud
Assistant Stage Manager Ella
Choreography Ms. Elisha Menon
Props/Costumes/Sets Ms. Njoki Gülzow
Costume Assistant Mia
Tech Crew & Backstage

Ms. Kathryn Freeburn

Set Design, Construction & Robin
Decoration Dr. Howard De Leeuw
Hair & Make Ms. Susan Cover
The Band  
Conductor Mr. Chris Graham
Keyboard 1 Mr. Michiel de Beer
Keyboard 2 Mr.Thore Vogt
Saxophone 1 Mr. Jan Bostelmann
Saxophone 2 Mr. Lorenz Schönle
Trumpet Mr. Peter Boekels
Trombone Mr. Cornelius Hussing
Baritone Horn Hyeongbeen
Bass Guitar Mr. Martin Främke
Guitar Mr. Sebastian Nagel
Drums Mr. Micha Meinheit
Musical Show Posters Mr. Jackie van der Steege
  Mr. Michael Sweerts
  Grade 7 Students