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Airplane Prototype Engineering Design

Grade 2 have been working on a very interesting engineering design project, an airplane prototype.

We found out how planes work, studied several plane designs in 3 views (top, front and side view) and identified the parts of a plane.

After a thorough research, we brainstormed, and asked ourselves these questions:

  • What parts does my plane need?
  • What materials can I make them out of?
  • How will I design it to fly?
  • How will my plane land safely?

Grant, a Commercial Airline Pilot, shared this video with us and told us all about flying. He explained some of the basic vocabulary we have learnt, which different forces act on an airplane while it´s flying, showed us the flight deck of an Airbus A320 (an airplane made at the Airbus factory in Hamburg) and other very interesting facts.

We drew our own blueprint, based on our best ideas. We then tested and reviewed our completed prototypes using our checklists, making sure we ticked as many boxes as possible; we talked about what works, what doesn´t and what could work better, planed improvements and then implemented them.

Last week, we attended the “Airshow” to see all the students 3 view designs and prototypes, and designs from the other classes. We have enjoyed this project very much.