Embark on a voyage of learning

Calling all Heroes!

The P2 classes began the IPC Unit “To the Rescue” with excitement!

A mystery box had been left in the classroom. How did it get there? Who is it from? What is inside? A note was attached. P2 had a job to do!!! We need to keep the box safe from The Mighty Freeze!!!


Principal by day, Mighty Freeze by night, Mr. Cross came to our classroom. "Frost and Chill, Everybody Still!” His superpowers froze us all and he grabbed the mystery box and escaped into the corridor. OH NO!!!

After warming up, we went on a mission to find the mystery box. Being great detectives and very brave, we followed the trail of snow and soon found the box! Hooray!!

But…where was The Mighty Freeze? Did we scare him off? Were we too clever for him?


Back in the classroom we opened the mystery box to find a set of superhero masks for us to decorate.

  • What is a superhero?
  • What do we need to become superheroes?
  • What makes a superhero special?
  • What problems might a superhero solve?
  • Where does a superhero live?
  • How does a superhero travel around?
  • Does a superhero have to be brave?
  • What else should a superhero be?
  • Who else helps and looks after us?
  • Are they heroes too?

So many questions and ideas to discuss and explore. Our learning journey has begun!!!