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Earth Day 2021

Earth Day is being celebrated all over the world on April 22nd. This year we have the theme 'restore our earth'. At ISH we believe in lifelong learning and we hope that some of the lessons you learn today will stay with you forever, and also be passed on to those around you. We can all make changes to our lives which can better protect the planet around us, and this is what you will be learning about.

Visit the ISH Earth Day 2021 website to find out more about the activities which have been designed to work remotely and on campus so no one should feel left out.

Each grade level will be focusing on a different environmental issue, so that you can learn in depth about the impact we are having and how we can live more sustainably.

Our students will also have a special virtual session with Diane Burko, an American painter and photographer currently based in Philadelphia and Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Her work addresses landscape, climate change and environmental activism.

For the Grade 8 Interdisciplinary Units (IDU), the culminating event is our Earth Day Exhibition on April 22nd, from 9:10 am to 2:50 pm. We will share information about Human Impact on the Environment, which requires students to consider environmental and social issues and to research the relevant science related to the issues. Working to connect these two subject areas requires a lot of patience and hard work in order to communicate regularly with partners, teachers, and then to a 'live' audience. Students have to manage their time and their emotions while dealing tech issues, and working out who will do which jobs. All students worked on their researching skills and then thought critically about solutions and creatively about how to share their solutions and information.

This is our second annual virtual exhibition. The students have risen to the challenge and we look forward to 'seeing' many of you at their presentations. Visitors should join the meeting using their full names so we can verify a connection to our community during the virtual event.

Visit the IDU Virtual Exhibition website where you can find the virtual presentations and the timetable for the live presentations.