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Grade 6 Mutagen Project

After reading "Framed" by Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Grade 6 was challenged by their teachers to complete a "mutagen" project. Mutagen is the substance that turned ordinary pet turtles into the Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In "Framed", paintings from the National Gallery in London arrive in the small Welsh town of Manod for safe-keeping. Dylan, the central character, thinks that some of the paintings act like mutagen because when the local people see them, they are inspired to make changes for the better.

Grade 6 students were asked to  come up with ways of  improving something in their own lives or in that of the community. The resulting action is quite impressive!

Projects ranged from keeping bedrooms tidy and not getting angry with a little sister to making life better for pets, from collecting a set of playground equipment for Grade 6 to use at break times to creating a Grade 6 Friday Freak Out event, from picking up litter along the Elbe to reducing the use of and recycling plastic waste.

Every student created a one page record of their project, which included the steps they took, how successful they were and how the project linked to a wider global issue and these are now on display in the Grade 6 bubble.

In addition, each student stood up and presented their project to the class. It felt very 2020 to have one student present from home via the Clevertouch board!