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Impressions of the Summerfest and Fleamarket, 2017

This year’s summerfest and fleamarket saw a beautiful day with smiling and happy people all round who came to be a part of an ISH annual event. Immense support could be felt everywhere as everyone, young and old partook in the fun, food, market and colour festival. The Colour Fest, led by Tim Bartlett and his team, was especially an attraction with our more vibrant members of the community.

The new PTA Board took over the ardous task of organising the event with poise and purpose and with lots of support from Work Crew, Chris Graham and his band, staff members, parents and students the day was filled with games, music, barbeque, donated food and salad platters, bouncy castle, face painting and diverse fleamarket items.

The annual event’s purpose is to bring the community together as well as help raise funds for Tanzania project. We will announce as soon as possible the amount raised. A big thanks to all.