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ISH bids farewell to Ms. Ganim, Ms. Plesch and Mr. De Beer


International School of Hamburg bids farewell to Ms. Plesch

Ms. Plesch has been a steady, conscientious and reliable bedrock within the ISH Arts department for many years… an immense 30 years. She has seen the school grow, develop and change greatly while she gave her best in education all the way through, without exception.

The great care, attention and time she gave each student is admirable, and students who have passed through her classes have benefited from her wealth of experience and expertise, truly leaving ISH enriched from her lessons.

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International School of Hamburg bids farewell to Ms. Ganim-Grönwoldt

Ms. Ganim-Grönwoldt was originally hired on a temporary contract in September of 1982 as a result of an unexpected staffing vacancy. In the school Newsletter of March 1982, John Lancaster the Head of Junior School wrote,

“It is a hazardous and difficult business when you embark on the task of finding quality replacements at short notice. Ms. Ganim has infected the class so quickly with her enthusiasm, vigour and endeavour. We are all impressed.”

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International School of Hamburg bids farewell to Mr. Michiel De Beer



Mr. De beer was the first head of Performing and Visual Arts department here at ISH, and under his leadership the department grew in scope and importance. He developed a vision of the place of music in the school curriculum which has allowed young artists to grow in skill and confidence both vocally and instrumentally.

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