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ISH bids farewell to Ms. Leonie Gerckens

April, 2018

Ms.Leoni Gerckens, School Nurse (retired), International School of HamburgAfter 8 years with us, Ms. Gerckens, our school nurse, is now retiring. Colleagues and friends describe her as a very warm, kind and understanding person. Her peaceful nature made her very lovable to ISH students and staff alike. The little ones were known to frequent her office for the all so comforting little finger bandage.

Ms. Gerckens was the first true school nurse who worked full-time at ISH. She has always carried out herself and her mandate calmly and professionally even during the few emergencies that happened over the years.

As a very qualified and experienced nurse, she set up many procedures and wrote policies, which she implemented for our school’s health care as well as constructing various protocols for children requiring special care.

Ms. Gerckens knew the need for those of us working with children to acquire first-aid skills and set about organising courses for staff members.

Ms. Gerckens loves playing golf and has hinted that she will be committing more time to the sport. Her wonderful and nurturing personality will be greatly missed and we wish her well as she moves on with the next stage of her life. 

Farewell, Ms. Gerckens. Thank you for being you, for your time at ISH and we wish you all the best for your future. 

ISH Head of School bids farewell to Ms. Gerckens    
Ms. Gercken's farewell reception with colleagues at the International School of Hamburg