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ISH Class of 2019 achieves high IB DP exam scores.

ISH is proud of the IB DP exams achievements of the Class of 2019. We had some excellent individual and overall results for the IB Diploma candidates who took their exams in May 2019. We wish all of our Class of 2019 students much success in their future studies and career choices. A full summary of the most pertinent data points is now available in full details on our IB DP Exam Results page. 

Here are the highlights. 

• Total number of candidates = 59

• 93% pass rate

• 1 student with a perfect 45 points

• 15% of students achieved 40 points or more (max. possible is 45)

• 34% of students achieved 35 points or more

• 59% of students achieved 30 points or more

• 94% of students achieved either their predicted grade or came within one grade of the prediction

• second highest average bonus points (1.84) in last 15 years

• class average score = 32.2

IB DP Exam Results May 2019