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ISH co-hosts second 'International Exchange Summit'

After a successful first meeting in 2016, the Kühne Logistics University and the International School of Hamburg hosted the “2. International Exchange Summit”. Over 70 representatives from consulates, foreign clubs and international companies came together on Tuesday, 6th March for an informal exchange in the specially decorated foyer of the Kühne Logistics University.
Tim Bartlett, Prof. Dr. Strothotte, Prof. Dr. von Weizsäcker, Mr Cross and Prof. Dr. Franklin    Prof. Franklin, Prof von Weizsäcker and Tim Bartlett join a panel discussion

The highlight of the evening was the keynote speech by the progressive thinker and “Club of Rome” chairman Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker. The motivational speech titled: “Disruptive changes ahead – where is the place for sustainability?” addressed the impact of technological innovation on society and the environment and highlighted the needs for a  “new Enlightenment” that has balance at its core: Balance for example between humans and nature, the heart and brain, even religion and the state. Mr. von Weizsäcker raised the awareness for sustainability in technology: While new innovations are largely positive, they come with potential negative impacts for the environment that society should be aware of. The keynote provided an impulse for many interesting conversations and discussions throughout the evening.

Seated dinner after the key note speech   

“Hamburg with its global character needs a forum, in which international institutions and organisations such as consulates, foreign clubs and also international companies can get to know each other and exchange views and experiences”, explained ISH Head of School Andrew Cross as being the idea behind the event. Together with the President of the Kühne Logistics University Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Thomas Strothotte, they welcomed around 70 guests to the premises of the Kühne Logistics University.

   Alexander Langelier at the piano    

After the presentation of Mr. von Weizsäcker there was a lively question and answer session conducted by KLU Professor Rod Franklin and ISH student Tim Bartlett. The dinner afterwards in a relaxed atmosphere was accompanied by the students and talented young musicians Alexander Langelier (piano) and Izumi Schmidt (violin). We would like to thank our students Tim Bartlett, Llauré Braun and Alexander Langelier for participating and makes this event truly special.


(Image copyrights: Jan-Henrik Konitzky)