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ISH Grade 10 puts up a vibrant Personal Project Exhibition

Once again, today the Aula was a hub of activity as Grade 10 students presented and exhibited their MYP Personal Project. The MYP personal project is a long-term practical exploration designed to allow students to take part in a self-directed independent learning experience. It assesses students’ Approaches To Learning (ATL) skills for self-management, research, communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking. Students are encouraged to practice and strengthen their ATL skills, to connect classroom learning with personal experience, and to develop their own interests for lifelong learning.

Mr De Leeuw speaking to students

Students create a set of Success Criteria for use at the end of the Project to grade and reflect on their own work. They work independently on projects close to their hearts and learn how to read, interpret and follow written criteria provided by IBMYP. Ultimately, students learn about themselves as learners, timekeepers, researchers and creators.

There were over 70 Personal Projects at ISH this year covering all Six Global Contexts split by the following approximate percentages:

Identities and relationships (28%)

Orientation in space and time (5%)

Personal and cultural expression (29%)

Scientific and technical innovation (24%)

Globalisation and sustainability (13%)

Fairness and development (2%)

ISH MYP Personal Project 2019
ISH MYP Personal Project Exhibition 2019

This year there were many interesting projects, some requiring students to build something, make something, learn something or raise awareness about a topic. Topics included healthy lifestyles, environmental awareness, sports, personal and world histories, cultural understanding, craft making, technical and mechanical engineering and many others. Students demonstrated their understanding, awareness and ability to implement projects on topics they are passionate about and each of them was able to demonstrate and express themselves to a very well attended event. 

ISH MYP Personal Project Exhibition 2019
ISH MYP Personal Project Exhibition 2019

Ms. Moffitt and Dr. Reich represented parents in giving words of encouragement and congratulated the students for their hard work. This was followed by two students, Glibb and Erik, who talked about what the projects meant to students, the processes and thoughts experienced and Dr. De Leeuw who opened the event. This project and event was organised by ISH MYP Cordinator, Ms. Kathryn Freeburn.

Well done, Grade 10!