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ISH International Mother Language Week

International Mother Language Day, is a day celebrated worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic, cultural diversity, and multilingualism. 

As an IBO world school, ISH supports our students maintaining their Mother Tongues through our Middle Year Program and through our language policy. ISH has an extremely rich cultural diversity having 39 different Mother Tongues throughout the school. 

To help support our students during these times, this year we celebrated our mother tongues with a particular focus on how ‘Language Connects’. During the week of the 22nd to the 26th of February, we have highlighted some of these connections between students, teachers, communities, talent and cultures. 

We started with a Kick-off on Monday in the Grades 6-12 meeting, and shared daily information videos during Grade 6-8s homeroom.

Several activities took place during the week, like the Mother Tongue Extreme Reading Photography Competition, or the design of innovative tiles based on words in the students´ mother languages.

In recognition of our Mother Language Week, some of our Grade 11 students shared their favourite lines of literature from their mother tongue:

On Friday, Grade 6-8s had some off-timetable fun events to raise awareness about the importance of Mother Language Day.

We organized a special assembly, an open-mic where students presented different activities in their mother tongues, a News broadcast created by the students in multiple languages, some super fun Quizlets, and a Video of Greetings where students say ‘hello’ in many languages. We also watched a short video on language false friends/cognates, and created a Padlet with sublime recipes from around the world.

Some parents volunteered to organise activities, such as flower arranging in Korean, a short story in Turkish, or a book reading in Tamil, and we learnt Kathak dance steps in Hindi, and hip-hop in Japanese.

Our Grade 7 students presented their multilingual Sports Market to Grade 6 & Grade 8, and we ended with a Kahoot! to share our new knowledge.

Thanks to our teachers for organizing such a great Mother Language Day, and to the parents, students, and teachers who volunteered on Friday!

Visit the Mother Tongue Programme page on our website for more information on how we support both students who cannot be provided with formal tuition in their mother tongue during school hours as well as those MYP and DP students who wish to take a mother tongue language course as part of the curriculum.