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ISH Talent Show, February 2019

“Music is the language of emotions,” Immanuel Kant once said. The language that traverses all cultural borders and is spoken universally. ISH Student Council holds this annual event and showcases the talents of our students representing cross-cultural and merged genres. Held on the eve of Valentine’s Day, the ambience was one of love, joy, excitement and a spirit of celebration.

The Aula totally filled up with students, friends and families who came to support their loved ones and to be a part of the event. As with many fun-filled events at ISH, they are held in support of worthy causes. ISH Loves Talent had Valentine’s cookies, beverages, cards and roses, which were well sold out and the proceeds will go to KIDS4KIDS a school wide project that raises funds for Hamburg children in need.

Lara and Tim represented the Student Council who organized the well-attended event and one could see that the years of performing for musicals and plays had paid off as they both hosted the show with expertise and confidence.

Santiago and Grade 9 at the International School of Hamburg
Grade 6 Music students performing at the ISH Talent Show

The students held individual acts as well as collaborations of whole classes and mini groups. These included ‘FOURtune boys,’ a 6th grade band playing that played the song called ‘Let Her Go’ by Passenger and the ‘Amazing Trio,’ a 12th grade group that performed  ‘Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy’ originally by Queen. Throughout the show, various talents like playing ukulele, guitar, drums, keyboard, singing and dancing to hip-hop kept the audience on edge.

This year two music classes grades 6 and 8 performed as whole led by our retiring music teacher Michiel de Beer. Each student demonstrated an ability to either sing or play an instrument and more importantly to collaborate and work with others as a team. The show had 13 acts plus one by teachers! They put up a humorous performance with words up, groovy back dancing and a lightshow all in one. They were described as ‘legendary’.

ISH community would like to thank the Students’ Council led by Ms. Cover for organizing the fabulous show, Mr Kamran Zaker of Strategic Accounts EMEA, Lifestyle Audi of Harman and the PTA for sponsoring the event, Backstage Crew, Tech Crew, Mr. Michiel de Beer and Mr. Rui Soares da Cunha.

International School of Hamburg Talent Show 2019
International School of Hamburg Talent Show 2019


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