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ISH receives a new grand piano

June 22, 2018

The talented Max tries out the new grand piano

At this time of the year, our school sees quite a few ISH community members leave us and pursue new adventures in new countries. One of them is the Brock family who are leaving us for Canada after a number of years in Hamburg.

Mr. Nathan Brock who has been conducting the prestigious Hamburg State Opera and his wife, Urszula, an accomplished violinist, were very pleased with our Music Enrichment Programme (MEP) and thanks to them we now have a new grand piano!

The beautiful Yamaha instrument was handed to the MEP department in the presence of our Head of School, Mr. Andrew Cross and staff members, in a touching and befitting ceremony. Our young students have already tried their musical pieces on the new piano and are very happy and content with it.

As for the Brocks, they are very happy that the piano has a good home and would like to see the Music Enrichment Programme continue to thrive here at ISH. We in turn would like to thank and wish them all the best in their new ventures in Canada.

Mr. Brock of the Hamburger Staatsoper and his daughter handing over the new grand piano the International School of Hamburg    

The talented Soumya and her friend trying out the new grand piano

    ISH Head of School, Mr. Cross tries out the new grand piano