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ISH shares its community voices

Over the course of three days in April, ISH alumni, Tetsuya and Konstantin (Class of 2016) went around the school interviewing parents and students on camera. The interviews were about various aspects of ISH life. Students from both Junior School and Secondary School talked about their first days at ISH, favourite subjects and what makes ISH special. This included Grade 12 students who took the time out to give tips on unique best practices for mastering the IB Diploma Programme and handling stress.


We are delighted that many students and parents were willing to share their experiences here at ISH on many topics and we are grateful for the honest feedback.  Here are two videos on two Junior School students and an ISH mum and every week we will share more videos across the website and our social media forums.

Thank you to Tetsuya and Konstantin for all their tireless work on filming more than 30 students and parents, well done!

We now have a new section, Community Voices. Click here to watch the interviews.