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Middle School Lounge for students inaugurated

On Wednesday, 31st of May, the ISH Middle School Lounge was officially inaugurated. Head of School Mr. Andrew Cross, Secondary School Principal Mr. Christian Gülzow and Student Council Vice President Tim Bartlett held speeches and thanked the donors, the Frowein family. The planning for the lounge started in September 2016 when the Student Council thought about utilizing a rather unused space in the Middle School area. Things picked up late January, when Mr. and Mrs. Frowein (two ISH parents) pledged to donate professional and fireproof furniture as well as the electrical infrastructure. Students led the project and chose the furniture, colours and design of the lounge. The beautiful modern lounge is setup to accommodate 20 students who can sit and have a chat and even enjoy light snacks during their break or free times.

“We the students really appreciate and thank the Froweins and the school for the lounge. We are extremely happy to have an additional student area. It was also a great opportunity for us students to develop our project management and decision-making skills,” says Tim Bartlett, Student Council Vice President.

We would like to thank the Frowein family, Andrew Cross, Christian Gülzow, Vera Behrning, Karl Belair & Susan Cover and Heinrich and Stephan from Facilities department for assisting and guidance in the project. 

Click here for more pictures of the event and the new lounge.