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NCL Stiftung visits ISH

20 June 2018


Kids4Kids at the International School  of Hamburg

KIDS4KIDS representatives James and Timothy welcomed Ms. Tiziana Serio from NCL Stiftung (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis - Batten Disease) who gave an insightful presentation to Grade 8 outlining the purpose of their foundation and main target of making children’s dementia curable.

It was indeed a great opportunity for our students to learn more regarding NCL and of the nature of the disease. Childhood Dementia is a deadly and until today barely investigated metabolic disease. The NCL Foundation commits themselves in promoting national and international research in order to give affected children a prospect of receiving treatment and healing approaches.

The NCL Foundation is just one of KIDS4KIDS local charities in addition to Schule Hirtenweg Altonaer Kinderkrankenhaus and Die Arche. We identify ourselves as part of the whole school educational programme that includes: Early Childhood Center, Junior School and Secondary School/MYP and IBDP CAS. Individually or in collaboration with one another we work on various fundraising activities with the aim of making worthy contributions to children in need within Hamburg and environs.
All students and members of ISH staff and wider community are welcome in becoming a part of this important and worthwhile initiative.

For further details and information contact Peter Anderson.


Ms. Tiziana Serio presents NFL Stiftung to ISH     ISH students at the NFL Stiftung presentation